Times Flying!

Where has 2017 gone? I know many of us ask that same question and I think I have the answer! It has gone into time spent with family and friends in the houses we live in, it’s gone to soccer fields, baseball and football fields, swimming pools, theaters, and music halls- and our places of work. Each day is gone but in its place, is hopefully, a great memory.

This time of year, we tend to reflect on all of the pasts- well I like to look forward to the future. The opportunity for New- new homes, new family members, new jobs, new people in our lives. I look forward to spending more time sharing meals and memories with family and friends- new and old. This year, Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed is bringing in more New Holiday Décor than ever before- We have new looks and new Designers to assist you make this year’s Thanksgiving Table extra special- and the Christmas trees and mantle’s more memorable than ever before.

When I began this Simply Designed idea years ago, it began as a way to make life simply beautiful in an easy and value driven way – by using a little of Yours and a little of Meyn- well it’s grown bigger than I think I could have envisioned and I am blessed. I get to spend my days with amazing, talented women working with some of the kindest customers around, spending time in some of the most beautiful homes. How thankful I am. My goal has not to be the biggest or the most expensive, but the best value for products that you can’t find anywhere else. I hope that you feel I have reached that goal every time you come through our doors.

As you reflect on the pasts of 2017, I hope and pray that you feel as blessed as I- Happy Thanksgiving Month to you all. Kindly, Mary