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It is a word that I heard on my run the other day. It struck me as a lovely word, a word I have not heard in months or perhaps, years. It was spoken by a young woman, as she spoke to her friend. Another thought popped into my head at that moment- Delight in His will and walk in His ways…and then another thought- when was the last time I was delighted? Hmmm.

Are you now asking yourself the same question?

2020 may go down in history as the most peculiar, oddly outrageous and course changing year in any of our lives, and to know that I was a part of some of the change…well frankly it’s both exciting and frightening, but I find myself asking whether anything has been delightful in this year? Let’s face it, I have had feelings of happy, sad, thrilled, apprehensive, exhilarated, sluggish…but truly delighted? That made me ponder for a moment, and you know what? As I pondered, my steps became lighter, my breathing became deeper, the mileage increased, and my pace (while slow) was steady- and the biggest realization, besides hearing the birds chirping, people responded to my free-flowing “good morning’s”. You can imagine…well- MY DELIGHT!

Merriam-Websters defines the word DELIGHT this way: n A high degree of gratification or pleasure. v to take great pleasure.

I am certain at this point you are wondering where is she going with this?? Everywhere and nowhere is the answer. See, we all get to give or receive Delight in our own way, whether you are spending time helping a friend out in a time of need, assisting your children with their studies, or working to feed your family. Are you finding delight in each of these opportunities? I told myself, I was going to spend the month of September slowing down, reenergizing and contemplating the future of Yours & Meyn, as well as continuing what I set out to create years ago, in a fresh new way. But did I plan to make a conscious effort every day to find some delight? No, I certainly did not think to do that. But why not?

So, now for over a week I have made that effort. And guess what? I have found ways to find Delight in the everyday.   

So, how am I finding the delight in my days since closing Y&M? Happy you asked! I am taking moments everyday to just be. To be still, to delight in all the goodness around me. I have been able to spend more time cooking, running, biking, as well as reconnecting with family and friends for the first time in 10 years-where I was not stressing about what had to be completed next. And I feel Delightful! I have had moments of apprehension where I ‘freaked’ out that I was forgetting something, but then I remembered I am on a sabbatical. And that too made me feel Delightful! I have also learned in just a few short weeks that there is a different pace to life than what I was living. Now some of you, much wiser than I, are thinking- well of course silly women, you traveled the globe more than 2.5 times in 2019- and you are feeling joy that I realized that. Some of you are thinking, too bad so sad, we are all busy…and yet some of you are thinking- women didn’t you realize that there is a pandemic happening here and the entire world slowed down? Well, clearly the answer is YES. BUT.

What does this new pace mean for Me & you? It means many things. I will continue to blog and share stories from Tampa, I am also going to read more books, write more letters and share more of what I am doing here in the Sunshine state. Our newsletter will take on a new look and feel, we will add in a more encompassing approach to all things HOME.  I am happy to get back to some of those “roots” that I established 10+ years ago that have grown a little too thin. I am going to spend more time doing those things that we all love, and I hope that you will enjoy this new path. If there are areas you would like me to delve into, please email me. I love to hear from readers of this blog.

In the meantime, I would be remiss without saying that the last few days of Y&M in Illinois meant the world to me. I cannot honestly believe how many of you took the time out of life to stop by and say “goodbye, farewell, or until we meet again”. That was a delight for me. From the bottom of my heart- Thank you!