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Thankful HOME

HOMES have taken on an entirely new meaning this year, haven’t they? Back in February, HOME was the place we came back to after a long day at work. For some of us, that’s still the case but for most of us, HOME is so much more. It has become more to us than just shelter.. Perhaps the word refuge best describes the word HOME in 2020? It’s where we find comfort, surrounded by the people we love and where we can finally relax. While there are still many challenges ahead of us, I thought it would be good to focus on how many ways we can be Thankful for HOME.

Thankful HOME. What does that mean to you? For me, from the challenges of Covid to the opportunity to be present in my own life here in Tampa with my husband, I am thankful everyday that I am here at HOME. My new business is making changes in new and exciting ways (more about that in the new year).In the present, I am making new connections while keeping some of the existing, and continue to build from  the many, many years of my retail & design business!  And I am thankful! I am also learning new skills, taking new risks, and growing my love of all things HOME in a new way that is not limited and is becoming clearer and clearer every day. Have you found that you, too, have discovered some new joys in your life during these last months? Have you retired, sold a home, bought a new home, remodeled your home? We are seeing so many projects this year, and we are Thankful for each of them. 

As we look to November and December and the upcoming Holidays, I continue to be thankful for being able to connect with my children and family. I, shamefully, am looking forward to being a ‘normal’ person this Thanksgiving week at HOME! This will be my first Holiday season in 11 years where the worry of a retail store will not limit my attention to my people that surround me. I hope you will understand. Yes, I will miss the holiday decorating of the store, but guess what? I am able to still decorate homes for the Holidays, including my own! 

With Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away, and looking very different from our past celebrations, I thought I would take a moment and talk about what and HOW we are doing things different this year. First, Thanksgiving is going to be spread over the course of a few days so that we can gather in smaller, safer ways. For me, that means more quality time with individuals versus a large single gathering. It means more intimate connections. And isn’t that what we all need this year? More one on one time with our peeps? I know I do! And the upside- more Stuffing! There will be physical spacing for our meals as well…more about that in our newsletter this month. 

The annual Turkey trot, goes virtual- Yep, I am still making the kids and hubby run/walk with me this year (and yes- they are just finding this out right now as they read this), the best part- they don’t have to get up early if they don’t want to- you are welcome Catherine and Davis! Last year, the gentlemen started a new tradition and went golfing after their run and while we will continue that tradition, we are adding in an extra round so we ladies can play as well. I would much rather cook a thanksgiving day meal than play golf, however my darling enjoys a round together at least once a year. From there it is off to eat, and I do enjoy eating! 

How about you? Are you embracing the traditions with modifications or are you throwing in the towel and trying something completely different? Are you making new recipes? I am working on mastering a little bread baking this year with the help of Catherine- the master baker in our home- I think it has something to do with that precision thinking that she is so good at! The other new recipe I am trying is an Apple/Pecan bourbon pie…yep can’t wait to dig into that one!  I’m thinking vanilla whipped cream on top…

I also have to admit that as much as I miss the cooler days of Fall in Illinois,  I am thoroughly embracing the warmer weather that the Tampa area offers. And while we don’t have the changing of colors in our trees, I have some awesome friends that have sent me photos to remind me of all that is wonderful in the north- and I am Thankful for them…and for all of YOU that have hung out with me through this year of change. It’s been an amazing ride and one that I know we will talk about for years to come. 

So, as we adventure through the Holiday season of 2020 I hope that you will take a moment to be Thankful and enjoy all the goodness that life is trying to offer each and every one of us. Keeping ourselves positive and thankful is the easiest way to ensure that we seek the good in this crazy thing called LIFE.

And I will always be thankful for YOU.

April 2019

This month in the store:

This month’s event will be our 8 Year Anniversary Celebration!! This is an Open House Event on May 4th from 5-7PM with refreshments, special promotions, and our sincere gratitude!

Mother’s Day- Happy Mother’s Day to all you strong, loving, and inspirational Mothers- enjoy yourday!

Memorial Day- We do always offer a Military Discount as a way to say thank you to all who have served or are currently serving. Thank you for all you do in keeping us safe!!

And as all your spring events approach, don’t forget we are a great stop for all of your wedding and spring gifts!


We are excited to announce that we now offer FiveStars as our loyalty program! What does this mean for you?

Since we are switching our system over to FiveStars within the upcoming months, not only will you earn rewards it will become our communication system with you. Receive a birthday coupon, earn points to redeem in the store, and get discounts right to yourphone or e-mail!

Along with the rewards, if you’d like to continue receiving our newsletters and announcements please sign-up!

How do you get started? Next time you visit us, simply ask to join our loyalty program! You can also text MEYN to 578-277 to start receiving offers! Otherwise visit Yours & Meyn Rewards Page to learn more and sign up!

We look forward to having you start earning Rewards! Happy shopping!

What’s on Mary’s mind?

“As I write this, my 21-year-old daughter is at a car race in Alabama with her Team – Her Team of mechanical engineers…and I wonder – What in the world led this young woman to be so motivated to become an engineer in the Automotive world?? Well, although she isn’t actually employed yet, she is working in an industry that she finds very exciting and thought provoking and she says – I have been surrounded by strong women in my life, from…”  Continue Reading

Tips, Tricks, & Trends


When the seasons begin to change, we begin to look for changes elsewhere in our lives – particularly in our homes. If you are looking for a quick update to your interiors, think about bringing in a new pop of color. New pillows, or a piece of artwork or even some fresh florals in a new color will completely transform your space. For your dining table, add a colorful vase or fill a vase with colorful fruit or flowers and change out your napkins. For your sofa, bring in new pillows and a new lighter weight throw blanket. On your side tables, add some colorful beads or a new picture frame. Even for those with a neutral palette, just a candle in a really bright color will make a big difference. Wherever you choose to add your new color, make it big and bold. The seasons they are a-changing, and so should we.

Karen Kravits
Y&M Interior Designer


Styling a Vessel
  1. Find a vessel/container you love!
  2. Choose a color scheme (all greens, colorful, monochromatic, etc.)
  3. Find 3-5 different florals (stems, picks, blooms, succulents, etc.)
  4. Be sure to have varying sizes and height to add dimension. Adding trailing vines that spill over the edge gives great dimension and depth, too!
  5. Play with the arrangement until it is pleasing to your eye.
  6. Enjoy- if you ever have questions or need any assistance with your arrangements be sure to stop by the store!



We are Rockin’ Women- Yes all of us!

As I write this, my 21-year-old daughter is at a car race in Alabama with her Team – Her Team of mechanical engineers…and I wonder – What in the world led this young woman to be so motivated to become an engineer in the Automotive world?? Well, although she isn’t actually employed yet, she is working in an industry that she finds very exciting and thought provoking and she says – I have been surrounded by strong women in my life, from teachers to family and friends and they have achieved all kinds of amazing things and I just want to set my own path.

As we celebrate Moms everywhere this month, I salute All Strong Women that have set their own path to become motivators to your children, siblings, and friends. It’s an amazing privilege to be a woman.  We have been given talents and strengths that are too numerous to count and yet we are soft and tender. We are powerhouses that run businesses AND families.  We really do “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan” and we are beautiful as we do it. How great are women!

Sure, some days we don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone wrangle with the laundry, the dog or the husband, but we do – and we do it bravely. So, here’s to you – The beautiful and brave, the strong and successful, the wonderful Women of the world. Take a moment and celebrate YOU- and all your amazingness.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Unknown

Spring Back In!

I love this time of year! The days are longer, generally warmer, and the grass really is beginning to turn green.

If you haven’t done a spring re-fresh- now is the time! I began this year by cleaning and organizing my closets, changing up my mantles, my entry table in the foyer and a fresh coat of paint on the steps to our home- all to say WELCOME Friends- we are glad you are here! Whether your style is Farmhouse, Urban Chic or Mid-century modern- there are plenty of new items in the store to help you transition into an alluring new look for the upcoming season of entertaining.

What are your Main events coming up? Weddings, graduations, big birthday’s or just family and friend gatherings? The staff at Yours & Meyn, have been busy assisting customers gather beautiful accessories for their homes- and it’s not too early to start for those big events.  Our Spring Table-scape event was a great success and many left with inspiration for their upcoming events, including bridal showers, and Easter dinner.

Let the staff help you pull all of the exquisite details together for you this spring- you’ll be glad you did.  Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Ladies Night Out- April 19th– it is always a lively night.

It’s Hoppin’ around here!

Spring has sprung, and we are blooming in hops, cherry blossoms, and forsythia! Soon we’ll be moving the clocks, and opening our windows for a spring refresh.

Watching the grass turn from brown to green is a beautiful sign of renewal, and here at the store, our home stylists are busy freshening containers and meeting each day with incredible new merchandise. We love the opportunity to welcome costumers from new towns and cities, near and far, and everywhere in between!

Our Interior Designers are in the studio making spring magic happen— beginning new projects, finalizing others, and brightening moods and spaces.

A new season is the perfect time to revive your bedding selections. After the disappointment of the postponed Bedding & Linen Event, we have brought in a team of experts and we are so excited to share our knowledge with you!

Spring fever is in bloom so hop on over to our Set the Table Event on March 8th. Our design team is brimming with fresh ideas to help you feel confident as you set your table for your spring and Easter guests.

As weddings, showers, parties, and graduations approach, count on us to help you plan for those special moments! Our amazingly talented team is ready to help your events stand out—bringing people together is what it’s all about!

Now is a great time to change things up in your home, plan ahead for special gatherings, and fill your life with the beauty of this rejuvenating season.

Stop by the store today, you’ll be super hoppy you did! 😉

Love is in the Air!

And this is the month to fall in love with your home and everyone in it. I love February- we are one step closer to spring- and yet we still get snow! (Yes, I prefer snow to rain). It is also the month when I take the doldrums of my own home décor and start refreshing for spring. What are some of my quick fixes for my home? Well, I am still taking down Winter décor, so I generally will re-do my mantle with a bit of winter and a bit of spring- a hope-filled mantle is what I like to call it- moss on my stag horns with my winter twigs is just the trick!

I also refresh the dining table tray vignette (see our 3-T’s for some added inspiration) and my foyer greeting table. In addition, I like to start changing out some candles with some green orbs or topiary’s- it’s a wonderful way to make my home feel like spring is coming.

This year, I am refreshing a wall in my main family space with a new color (color? TBD) along with some fresh new spring pillows- just what I need to greet family and friends. What will I be serving for our friends this spring?  Well for me it will be a few new recipes from the new cookbooks that I have snagged from my recent buying trip- don’t worry there are plenty left for you to choose from at Y&M.  I am so excited to have found a new distributor of some amazing new books to add to the store collection and your home collection. I also was able to meet a wonderful new friend, Gayle, while buying.

Lastly, February is the month of love and we love a generous heart- We hope you will consider donating to the Have a Heart Food drive through participating downtown retailers. Bring your donations to Yours & Meyn and we will reward you in a loving way. All donations directly benefit the Crystal Lake Food Pantry. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Happy Love Month. Mary

New Year- New You, well at least your home.

Yours & Meyn has been making your home beautiful for many years now, as we celebrate our 8th year as a brick & mortar store and source of inspiration, I can’t help but reflect on what we have accomplished while looking forward to all that is to come. Over the last 8 years we have grown from a 1600 square foot store started with just Bob and I taking care of some of our “oldest” and dearest customers- that still shop with us today- to a talented group of 10 amazing woman and 1 new awesome Retail Store Manager, Lynn Reckamp. Our back room served as our design space with just “little ol’ me” taking on as many client projects as I could to an amazing team of 5 designers and an awesome 2nd floor design center. We have completed 100’s of home projects and made many new friends along the way. It has been and continues to be a JOY working and talking to so many of our wonderful customers and clients.

As we look forward to 2018, I look forward to bringing our customers some of the newest trend ideas, most unique gift ideas, and new events. We want to teach, and learn and grow every area of Yours & Meyn with you. We want to expand our knowledge as we expand your imagination. I can’t help but get excited about all that Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed has accomplished, but more importantly how many customers have accomplished their goals of a more beautiful home to share with their family and friends.

There will always be something New at Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

Thank you, dear friends, for making it all possible. Mary

It’s that Magical time of Year!

As I write this, we have just put a wrap on the busiest shopping weekend of the year! A weekend filled with Turkey, stuffing and all of the fixings, AND some savvy shoppers along with some early risers. This weekend for Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed was filled with joy and excitement as we helped you decorate and design your mantles, put the finishing touches on your trees, and added just the right adornments to your tables.

Some of you know that we start this process in early November- where we transform our Retail store into a Magical Winter Wonderland, it’s one of my favorites for many reasons. There’s the pleasure of working with a great group of Design Elves, it means that we are closer to snow, and it also means that we get to help make your home dazzle with Holiday magic as well.

We create dining tables that will host the whole crew for a Holiday dinner party, we make trees come alive with ornaments and accents that will ‘up’ your game to a new level, and we design mantle arrangements that will draw your whole family around the fire for many nights during the busiest season of the year- and keep them there for a moment longer than normal.  We thrill to see the looks on the faces of the first person that will walk through the door on day 1 of the reveal.  We love finding just the right gift for that special someone in your life- something they never thought to ask for but wouldn’t trade for the world.

Those are just a few of the things I love about the days and weeks ahead, the 5 more Fridays until Christmas Day when I wake up and get to spend the day in my pj’s with the ones I love the most. While I reflect on how the past 30 days have blurred by, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything…as I look forward to something New for 2018!

Words of Kindness

Not all of us get to start our day, everyday surrounded by beautiful things and people, but I do. I have the pleasure of walking into my store and seeing an amazing display of Home Decor items that are like not other. However, nothing compares to these words of kindness that a customer bestowed upon the women of Yours & Meyn today.

I was in your store today…. spoke with this lovely blonde  – we had a wonderful conversation.   I need to tell you, as I told her….. your store is dripping with BEAUTIFUL.   Lush with holiday YUM.  And exquisitey done.  
I will be back….. but, not that I need to tell you,      …. but I needed to tell you !!!   Gorgeous stuff !
Thank you Sue, and to all of our wonderful customers that visit, shop and recommend the design staff of Yours & Meyn. We couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to create this beauty or beautiful homes without you. Your words and actions speak thousands… I and we are forever grateful.
Kindly, Mary

Times Flying!

Where has 2017 gone? I know many of us ask that same question and I think I have the answer! It has gone into time spent with family and friends in the houses we live in, it’s gone to soccer fields, baseball and football fields, swimming pools, theaters, and music halls- and our places of work. Each day is gone but in its place, is hopefully, a great memory.

This time of year, we tend to reflect on all of the pasts- well I like to look forward to the future. The opportunity for New- new homes, new family members, new jobs, new people in our lives. I look forward to spending more time sharing meals and memories with family and friends- new and old. This year, Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed is bringing in more New Holiday Décor than ever before- We have new looks and new Designers to assist you make this year’s Thanksgiving Table extra special- and the Christmas trees and mantle’s more memorable than ever before.

When I began this Simply Designed idea years ago, it began as a way to make life simply beautiful in an easy and value driven way – by using a little of Yours and a little of Meyn- well it’s grown bigger than I think I could have envisioned and I am blessed. I get to spend my days with amazing, talented women working with some of the kindest customers around, spending time in some of the most beautiful homes. How thankful I am. My goal has not to be the biggest or the most expensive, but the best value for products that you can’t find anywhere else. I hope that you feel I have reached that goal every time you come through our doors.

As you reflect on the pasts of 2017, I hope and pray that you feel as blessed as I- Happy Thanksgiving Month to you all. Kindly, Mary