Mary Meyn

Mary Meyn, as seen in McHenry County Magazine, March 2014

Mary Meyn, as seen in McHenry County Magazine, March 2014

Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed is the culmination of a lifetime for Mary and Bob Meyn. Having spent weekends as a child walking model homes and foundation walls with her father, Mary couldn’t deny her destiny of becoming involved in the New Home Building industry after studying merchandising in college.

Over the past 2 decades Mary has been able to create visually scrumptious homes that reflect the personal style of the hundreds of families that she has decided to expand her corporation to include this new retail store. She has also had the privilege of completing model redesigns, staging speculation homes and sales centers for Home Builders in the Chicago area.

When Mary Meyn is asked what word best describes her, she’ll often answer “Change”. Now, while most people fear change, whether it is their career, clothes, hair or Home Décor, Mary embraces it, and always has.

The flair for home design that her father saw in her early on, was further developed during her college years and her career in the home building industry. That need and desire for change is what makes Mary the design phenom that she is. From changing styles in her clients’ homes to changing and updating merchandise in her fabulous store, Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed, her talent and eye for design has made this lady a “Who’s Who” in the McHenry County Home Décor scene.

Mary’s family motto is All we have is “Yours, Meyn & Ours” to share and enjoy together“.